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"Honoring the artist & warrior ancestors of the Philippines"

PaaMano Eskrima

PaaMano Eskrima literally means paa-foot, mano-hand, Eskrima-skirmish. Master Roland Ferrer created and founded this style in 1992. The style combines multiple styles of weaponry with empty hand concepts as well as kicking applications. Elbows, knees, takedowns and disarms are an integral part of the system.  Eskrima is a flowing and rhythmic art. Its’ practice was outlawed by the Spanish conquistadores. The Filipino people had to find a way to keep their art alive to pass down to the next generation. They solved this problem by incorporating the martial art into some of their traditional dances. The martial art was hidden in dance for centuries.

PaaMano Eskrima was created to honor all the evolutions and changes of the art throughout the ages. The Sayaws (dance/forms) created for this curriculum are a balance of accuracy and application with flow and artistry. They are a tribute to the fine warriors and performers that for so many centuries kept the art alive for us to enjoy today.

We are grateful for all the different Arnis, Eskrima and Kali, styles, instructors and practitioners for keeping the art alive for future generations and for sharing FMA with the world. Salamat po.

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PaaMano Eskrima Group at the filming of our DVD, 13 Angles of Attack ~ Honoring the Warrior Ancestors. This soon to be released DVD shares the 13 Basic Angles of Attacks, Block, Checks and Counters of our system. We have included extra footage to share some of the beauty, culture and Heros of the Philippines. 

About the creator and founder of the PaaMano Eskrima System

Punong Guro Roland Ferrer is a Filipino-American and is the founder of PaaMano Eskrima, established in 1992.

PG Ferrer began his formal training in the martial arts in 1973 and is an internationally recognized 7th degree Black Belt.

Began the formal study of the Filipino Martial Arts at the original (Kali Academy) of Dan Inosanto & Richard Bustillo in 1975.

Honored to be an official Instructor named by Founder Edgar Sulite of the LAMECO system, in remembrance and gratitude to founder Edgar Sulite. 

He was the head coach for the United States Taekwondo National Team in 2000, representing the United States in Korea and China.

Coach for ESPN Pro-Taekwondo

1988 National Middle Weight Champion ~ Taekwondo

1993 U.S. Olympic Festival Team Captain and silver medalist ~ Taekwondo

1986-1988 California State Middle Weight Champion  ~ Taekwondo

PG Roland Ferrer is an eternal student and has trained with some of the top masters in their martial arts fields for over 39 years.  He continues to enjoy learning new styles and meeting new masters.

These are some of the Filipino Martial Arts Masters and styles we have had the honor to work with and learn from. Salamat Po to these masters and styles for keeping the Filipino Martial Arts alive for future generations...just as our ancestors did for us to share today.   


 Sharing our style of Filipino Martial Arts.

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