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"Honoring the artist & warrior ancestors of the Philippines"

PaaMano Performing Arts

Our PaaMano Performing Arts Company is a fusion of different styles of dance, martial arts, music, acrobatics and storytelling. PM Performing Arts was created to honor the artists, heroes, legends, historical figures and natural treasures of the Philippines as well as to celebrate the Filipino influences on cultures and artistic styles worldwide.

We have a multi-talented group of performers committed to sharing their love and pride of Filipino culture. The individual members of our performing arts company bring a variety of artistic training and background to our shows.  We try to incorporate their artistic diversity into our choreography, music and stories. Sharing the martial as well as artistic sides of Eskrima is an integral aspect of our choreography.

We encourage our younger members to incorporate the styles of music, dance and movement that most interest them into our creative process. We strive to include their ideas and choreography into our showpieces. They are the ones that will pass down cultural pride and the ancestral stories to future generations.

Senior members are responsible for incorporating the history, cultural stories, martial arts and biodiversity of the Philippines into our performances. They are tasked with finding stories that inspire or educate audiences.

We are grateful to the parents and family of our performing arts company for they are the cornerstones of our organization. Without their belief and support in our mission this would not be possible. 

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PaaMano Eskrima Performing Arts
~ Board of Directors Bio's

Aurora Ferrer, Artistic Director
Aurora began her traditional cultural dance training in 1988 and her martial arts training in 1990.  She is a 3rd degree black belt, martial arts instructor, Reiki Master Teacher and Pilates/biomechanics instructor. She brings her knowledge and experience from these different arts/disciplines to our organization. As a Cuban-American, writer and poet she is touched deeply by Jose Rizal’s life and works. Aurora’s vision of inspiring others through art and heart is the foundation of our performing arts company. “It is always about the bigger picture. Remembering what unites us, excites us and moves us to reach for our dreams. Our strength is in the wisdom of the ancestors and in sharing their stories through our inspiration.” Aurora Ferrer

Roland Ferrer, Director of Choreography
Roland began his dance career in 1980, studying jazz, modern and ballet.  He quickly learned to blend his styles of martial arts with his dance. When he discovered that the Filipino Martial Arts of Eskrima was hidden in traditional dances and performances he found his artistic calling. By following in his ancestors, footsteps Roland created a style of martial arts that is both effective as well as artistic. He then took his vision one-step further and co-created the PaaMano Eskrima Performing Arts Company to share inspirational stories of the Philippines with future generations.

Aurora and Roland Sr.
Together they have choreographed and directed more than 20 theatrical martial arts shows as well as dozens of live martial arts performances all over Southern California. They combine Roland’s gift for movement and choreography with Aurora’s gift for meaning and story telling to create artistic pieces that move and inspire.

Kadante & Roland Jr.
It’s a family thing…Roland and Aurora have teamed up with sons, Kadante and Roland, to create the Board of Directors for PaaMano Eskrima Performing Arts; honoring the ancestors of the Philippines. They are also committed to bringing awareness to the plight of the Haring Ibon ~ The Philippine Eagle and the natural treasures of the Philippines through performances, education and fundraising.  

  Roland Horacio Ferrer is a multitalented and versatile artist. He was born into the life of the martial arts and began his formal training at the age of four. He currently holds two 2nd Degree Black Belts one in PaaMano Eskrima™ and one in Kadan Taekwondo/Blend Martial Arts. Roland is a lead instructor in PaaMano Eskrima and Kadan Taekwondo/Blend martial arts systems and is well versed in many different martial arts weapons.
  Roland entered his musical life at the age of five, starting with the Piano. His formal harp training began at the age of nine with world renowned Harp Master Ellie Choate. He was accepted into her exclusive harp ensemble “Four Seasons” and has performed with the La Mirada Symphony Orchestra. His love of music has no bounds he loves to play the flute, African drums, tuba and the Polynesian To’ere.
  As  a professional harpist he has played at weddings, fundraisers, art exhibits, showers, Birthdays as well as show performances. He loves all kinds of music but specializes in free-flowing and original song compositions. He has recorded his first original song titled Atlantis and hopes to realize his first full length CD in December of 2012.
  As a dancer Roland trained with the Polynesian Performing/Cultural Arts group of Nonosina California and performed with them at the Shell in Honolulu Hawaii. He also studied the Samoan Fire-knife under Master Teacher Mel Liufau of Nonosina. He competed in the World Fire-knife Competition in 2008 and received 3rd place in the juniors division. He has developed knowledge and control of his bio-mechanics through Pilates and core/proprioception training. Which he now applies to Hip Hop Martial Arts™ and Tricking, under the tutelage of his older brother, Kadante Ferrer. 
  PaaMano Eskrima Performing Arts has given him an avenue to share the Filipino martial arts and his music as well as challenge him continue to develop as a dancer and performer. He had the honor of performing with PaaMano for The Filipino Visionary Awards at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, CA., at the Pistahan Parade and Festival in San Francisco, CA. and at the FPAC in San Pedro, CA. 
  He appreciates art in many forms and enjoys tradition Chinese water colors and writing poetry and song lyrics…but Origami is his favorite way to pass the time…leaving little origami pieces behind most places he visits as a thank you. Roland is serious about his scholastic education as well. He maintains a high grade point average and still finds time to keep art alive in his daily life. 


  Kadante Ferrer was a born martial artist. Even before birth his parents named their martial arts studio Kadan, knowing that one day a Kadante would take their system to new heights. He performed in his first martial arts demonstration at 1 ½ years old, and began his formal training at 4 years old. He has earned Black Belts in two systems: 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kadan Taekwondo Blend, and 2nd Degree in PaaMano Eskrima. Kadante is trained in multiple styles such as; Tae Kwon Do, Eskrima, Muay Thai, Western boxing and Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Judo, Ju-jitsu, Kobudo, and Tricking.  He is a Lead Instructor at Kadan Martial Arts and PaaMano Eskrima, & works with people from ages 4 to Adult. 
  Kadante loves tricking & stunts, and has trained at places like XMA HQ in North Hollywood, CA. & the White Lotus in Northridge, CA. He has worked with professional stuntmen & stuntwomen as well as stunt choreographers. He blended some of his martial arts, dance, stunts and tricking for his "Lumberjack” character in the new Dance/MartialArts/Action movie “Battle B-Boy”.
  Kadante is extensively trained in many dance styles. He began Hip Hop & Breaking training with Ricky Cole (Mos Wanted Crew/SoulFreshFam) and has taken extensive workshops & classes at dance studios such as The Millennium Dance Complex and Debbie Reynolds in North Hollywood, CA. He is a Boogiezone Offspring forever member and is currently a part of Soul Fresh Fam under the direction of Ricky Cole ( 
He has also trained in Tahitian, Samoan and other Polynesian dances with the Polynesian Performing/Cultural Arts group of Nonosina California. Kadante performed with them at numerous shows in Southern California, Northern California and the Shell in Honolulu Hawaii. He also studied the Samoan Fire-knife under Master Teacher Mel Liufau of Nonosina and competed in the 2008 World Fire-Knife Competition.
  Kadante choreographs/teaches for In the Flow Studios, PaaMano Eskrima Performing Arts, Kadan Martial Arts and his own creation Hip Hop Martial Arts™ 
  Hip Hop Martial Arts™ is Kadante’s original art style that combines aspects of Hip Hop, Martial Arts, Tricking, Breaking, Self-defense, Weaponry and more, into creative & effective movement. This unique style has the ability to get one in great physical shape, teach effective self-defense techniques, develop “urban” dance styles, teach multiple weapons, develop stage presences, and push artistic boundaries. 
For more information about Hip Hop Martial Arts™ visit his website at

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